ACD Newsletter - Vol 1 Issue 2

ACD Newsletter 

Volume 1, Issue 2
Welcome to our second Newsletter.
ACD Consultants was created to support the aviation community with experienced FAA certification consultants. It was built on the foundation of trusted individuals ​providing service to the aviation community for over 35 years.

ACD Network Profile - Walter Mroch, FAA-DER, MROTechnologies
Walt, how did you get your start in aviation? What attracted you to the field?
My father started one of the first FAA Specialized Service Repair Stations called Tibon Plating back in the late 1960s for hard chrome on aluminum and titanium. I spent a lot of summers helping out with masking and eventually plating parts. The company my dad largely built through unique repairs is now Aviation Repair Solutions. My uncle was a shipbuilder at the Lockheed Shipyards and was well connected with upper management and got my brother and I a tour of the Lockheed L1011 production line. I was always fascinated with repairing things since I was young.
In a nutshell, what does MROTechnologies offer? 
Aviation business guidance and solutions in reverse engineering, major repair development, major alteration support, repair specifications (RS-DER), STCs, PMAs, SFAR88, AMOCs, position papers, major alterations, etc. for 14CFR Parts 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 33, and 35. Specializing in Systems and Equipment Mechanical, Powerplant Engine Buildup Unit Mechanical, Wheels and Brakes Mechanical, Engine Non-rotating Mechanical, Rotorcraft Gears and Transmissions Mechanical, and Propeller Mechanical - all Major Repairs/RS-DER.
What are some current projects you’re involved in? 
I am involved in everything from legacy aircraft, regional aircraft, business jets, commercial aircraft/rotorcraft and ex-military rotorcraft major repairs. DC-3, C-130, UH-60A, CH-46D a few among them. Involved in some EVTOL aircraft projects and an FAA repair station including repair logistics. Major repairs of engine components using cold spray and other technologies seems to be an area where I see a lot of activity. A growing segment of consulting is major repairs or wheel and brake components which will extend into PMAs as well. 
Any areas you’re looking forward to in the future of aerospace?
Creating more synergy among key players identified as logical sources for teaming for aircraft component repairs. Looking to see how the FAA and OEMs support all the ex-military aircraft in restricted category operations like firefighting. Continuing to support new technology injection into repairs via our channel partners. 
Partner contact: Walter Mroch @ 714.323.0710 / /

Picture of the month:
Four ACD members manned a booth for TheWise at the Christian Business Conference & Expo in Fort Lauderdale in January. TheWise is the name under ACD with the goal of developing “Aviation Brain Power” software tools to facilitate the “concept > product” process in a dynamic FAA world. More than 1000 engineers, sales people, and executives attended, including aerospace professionals.
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