ACD Newsletter - Vol 1 Issue 4

ACD Newsletter 
Volume 1, Issue 4

Welcome to our fourth Newsletter:

ACD Consultants was created to support the aviation community with experienced FAA certification consultants. It was built on the foundation of trusted individuals ​providing service to the aviation community for over 35 years.

COVID-19 Update:

As mentioned last quarter, we’re monitoring the pandemic daily and have increased communication with our providers and customers. We are actively pursuing and in conversations with others on New Technologies such as UV Light and Cabin design enhancements suited to address the risk of airborne diseases such as the Coronavirus. If you would like to be included in these New Technologies discussions or have a specific business support need during this uncertain time (to establish industry connections, remote work solutions, liaison support, etc.), just let us know.

What are your thoughts about HR5119 proposing the Safe Aircraft Maintenance Standards Act? 

Here’s differing views:

ACD Network Profile:

Gary Weissel, Managing Officer, Tronos Aviation Consulting

Gary, what does Tronos offer? 

Tronos Aviation Consulting provides a wide variety of strategic and tactical consulting in the aviation industry with a specialization in aircraft interiors. For airlines, we provide interior product benchmarking, competitive assessments, layout development, AC spec development, return on investment analysis for interior reconfigurations / upgrades, sourcing and management of interior upgrades for both new and used aircraft. For our supplier clients, we complete interior product and services forecasting, product and strategy growth consulting, and operational consulting, including product design, certification support (working with ACD members) and supply chain consulting. In addition to interiors, TAC also provides aircraft asset management services (trading, lease deliveries, pre-buy inspections, etc.). And given my extensive aviation experience, I regularly act as an expert witness for legal cases.

What are some current projects you are involved with? 

We just finished up a large project with a Latin American carrier on a full fleet interior upgrade analysis.  This included LOPA and product changes, ROI analysis, competitive benchmarking, etc.  We also have been active in lease delivery management and aircraft pre-buy inspections.  In response to the COVID-19 crisis we have used our engineering design and additive manufacturing capabilities in our sister company up in Canada to manufacture medical equipment in response to the crisis.  We have submitted for both US FDA and Canadian approval of our products.

What would you like others to know about Tronos? 

We are very unique in the interiors marketspace providing targeted strategy consulting. We’ve yet to run across any other firm with the specialization in this market that we have. We bring over 75 yrs of direct aviation interiors experience to bear in our core team. Our staff have worked for airlines, interior OEM’s and interior integrators.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to in the future? Any start-up, regulation or FAA guidance, or industry development you’re following?

Firstly, we are constantly following the trends in aircraft interiors and MRO as it affects our forecasting. We also are getting ready to start publishing and offering our interiors product forecast on an annual subscription. We are currently in the process of updating that forecast taking into consideration the crisis and recovery profiles from the crisis.  We hope to have that ready by mid-May for release. Secondly, with our sister firm up in Prince Edward Island, Canada, we have opened an aerospace (AS9100) certified metallic additive manufacturing machine shop. We are currently engaged in R&D with metallic additive manufacturing working with several universities and the focus of the study is improved NDT inspections for metallic additive manufactured parts. Currently the regulators really only recognize CAT scans for NDT of additive manufactured metallic parts, but CAT scans are slow, expensive and have their own size limitations. Our research and goal is to prove to the regulators (FAA included) that more standard techniques can also be used (ultrasound, HFEC, MPI, FPI, etc).

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